The Amvex Medical Gas Hose Assembly is CSA Certified and CE Marked. Amvex hose assemblies are designed for gas distribution in centralized areas of hospitals; dental clinics; veterinary facilities; operating areas; surgery centers and dental offices. Our Medical Gas Hose Assemblies are available in many different styles and combinations, customized to your specifications. We are also pleased to offer spiral hose assembly options. All Hose Assemblies are available in USA and ISO colors. MRI options are also available

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     Choose your color standard


     Choose your gas type

Oxygen (O2)

Medical Air


Nitrous Oxide (N20)

Nitrogen (N)

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)


For correct hose matrix follow these rules when selecting inlet and outlet connections:
1. Female fittings first
2. Numbers before letters
3. In alphabetical order (by suffix)
* Not all configurations are possible
Products may appear slightly different than shown.